Mega Deal Smartphone Allnet Flat

Mega-Deal: Allnet Flat with 25 GB of data volume for only 9.99€ per month!

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Description Allnet Flat with 25 GB data volume

Allnet Flat 15 + 10 GB

MEGA-DEAL – Available for a Limited Time Only

Secure the MEGA-DEAL now and get a whopping 25 GB of high-speed internet for only €9.99 instead of €17.99 per month! But hurry, this offer is available for a limited time only!
Here’s what you get:

  • 25 GB instead of 15 GB: Surf with ample high-speed internet and benefit from an additional 10 GB of data volume.
  • FLAT Internet 5G: Experience super-fast 5G internet with speeds of up to 50 MBit/s.
  • FLAT Telephony: Make unlimited calls and stay connected with your loved ones.
  • FLAT SMS: Send as many SMS as you want at no extra cost.
  • FLAT EU Roaming: Use your plan in EU countries at no extra cost.
  • Easy Number Porting: You can easily transfer your old number to us.

Key Details:

  • Price: Only €9.99 per month instead of €17.99.
  • Activation Fee: One-time fee of €9.99.
  • Contract Length: 24 months, but don’t worry, you can cancel monthly.
  • Share: Share the deal with friends and family.

Plan Details:

  • Internet Speed: Up to 50 MBit/s – perfect for fast browsing and streaming.
  • Data Volume: Generous 25 GB for your mobile enjoyment.
  • Flexibility: Monthly cancelable, so you have full control over your plan.
  • Compatibility: Works with older phones – so no worries if you don’t have a brand-new smartphone.

Get the MEGA-DEAL from now and enjoy high-speed internet, unlimited telephony, and SMS, whether you have a new or older phone. The offer is limited, so act fast and secure this unbeatable deal!

Technical Specifications Allnet Flat with 25 GB data volume

Service Details
Telephony Flat rate to all German landlines and mobile networks (Excluded: service and special numbers, mailbox callbacks, and call forwarding).
SMS Flat rate to all German landlines and mobile networks (Excluded: service and special numbers).
Internet 25 GB high-speed data volume instead of 15 GB with speeds of 50 MBit/s (download) and 32 MBit/s (upload). After consumption: 64 kBit/s (download and upload). Data automatic available (can be deactivated). Tethering/Hotspot possible.
General One-time activation fee: €9.99 Monthly package price: €9.99 instead of €17.99 Minimum contract duration: 24 months Notice period: 1 month before the end of the minimum contract duration. Automatic renewal, cancellable with one month notice. EU roaming included.
Data Automatic Automatic booking of an additional 300 MB of data volume up to 3 times per month for €2 each time (deactivatable).
Tethering/Hotspot Possibility to share the mobile data connection with other devices (consumption is deducted from the data volume).
Delivery Information SIM-only: Delivery within 2 working days (Mon – Sat, excluding holidays) after contract conclusion. For number porting, at the latest 1 working day (Mon – Sat, excluding holidays) before the porting date.

This tariff not only offers unlimited telephony and SMS but also generous 25 GB high-speed internet. With a minimum contract duration of 24 months and a monthly package price of only €9.99 instead of €17.99, this deal is unbeatable. The EU roaming option allows usage at domestic rates in EU countries. Note that the data automatic can be deactivated, and tethering/hotspot for sharing the data connection is available.

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