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Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4: Full Frame & 33 MP, BIONZ XR, Autofocus Animal & Human!

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Description Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4

Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4 4

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Sony α 7 IV, a revolutionary full-frame camera that will push your photographic boundaries! With an impressive image quality of 33 megapixels and 4K 60p video recording, this camera sets new standards for creative minds.

Outstanding Image Quality: The back-illuminated Exmor R full-frame sensor combined with the powerful BIONZ XR image processor guarantees stunning shots in professional quality, even in low light conditions. You can expect true-to-life and vibrant images in your unique style.

Innovative Autofocus: Thanks to state-of-the-art real-time tracking technology and eye detection, your subject will always remain in focus, whether it’s photos or videos. The camera captures up to 10 frames per second to capture every crucial moment.

User-Friendly Operation: With a sharp electronic viewfinder, a tiltable 3-inch touchscreen, and an integrated 5-axis image stabilization system, the α 7 IV offers a comfortable shooting experience. The new intuitive menu system allows seamless switching between photo and video recording.

Professional Video Features: The 4K quality at 60p, 4:2:2 10-bit recording, and fast real-time eye focus make the camera the perfect choice for film enthusiasts. Unique video tools like Breathing Compensation and connections for professional audio microphones offer maximum creative freedom.

Connectivity for the Modern Era: With the ability to stream live content in 4K and a variety of ports like HDMI, USB 3.2, and microphone input, you’ll always stay connected. The automatic Bluetooth image backup mode and ultra-fast Wi-Fi enable instant sharing of your creative masterpieces.

Compact Design: Despite its powerful features, the α 7 IV is lightweight and compact. Weighing only 658 grams (including battery and memory card), it’s the ideal companion for your adventures.

Overall, the Sony α 7 IV offers outstanding performance for both photographers and videographers alike. Seize the opportunity to elevate your creativity to a new level – this camera will not disappoint. Dive into the world of Sony innovation and experience photography and videography anew! Get the α 7 IV now and unleash your creative energy!

The Sony Alpha 7 IV is not just an outstanding still camera but also a powerful tool for videography in stunning 4K quality. Whether you’re a vlogger, YouTuber, or professional videographer, here are the reasons why the Alpha 7 IV is the perfect choice for your video content:

  1. Cinematic 4K Quality: The Sony Alpha 7 IV allows you to capture high-resolution 4K videos that provide your viewers with an immersive visual experience. The sharpness of detail and depth of color open up new creative possibilities for your video projects.
  2. S-Cinetone and S-Log3: With the professional picture profiles S-Cinetone and S-Log3, you can give your videos a cinematic aesthetic and impressive dynamic range. These features are invaluable not only for professionals but also for aspiring content creators.
  3. High Frame Rate for Impressive Effects: The Sony Alpha 7 IV supports impressive frame rates, including 4K at 60p and Full HD up to 120p. This feature opens the door to creative slow-motion effects and allows for smooth, high-quality video recordings.
  4. Professional Audio Recording: Thanks to the digital audio interface, you can connect professional audio microphones directly to the camera. This ensures that the sound is as impressive as the image – a crucial factor for high-quality videos.
  5. Breathing Compensation: The Alpha 7 IV offers the unique feature of Breathing Compensation, which ensures minimal changes in the image during focus shifts. Your videos remain stable and professional, even in dynamic scenes.
  6. Long-Term Recording Without Overheating: The camera’s heat dissipation structure allows for long-lasting video recording without overheating issues. This is especially important for professionals who want to realize extensive projects or record longer events.
  7. Real-Time Live Streaming: The Sony Alpha 7 IV enables real-time streaming of content with impressive 4K quality. Stay connected with your audience in real-time and share your adventures or presentations directly from the camera.

Whether you want to capture your daily experiences, produce YouTube videos, or create professional film projects, the Sony Alpha 7 IV is your reliable partner for the world of 4K videography. Take your videos to a new level and expand your creative possibilities with this powerful camera!

Image Stabilization of the Sony Alpha 7 IV: Your Guarantee for Razor-Sharp Shots

A crucial feature that sets the Sony Alpha 7 IV apart from other cameras is its advanced 5-axis image stabilization system (IBIS). This feature is invaluable not only for photographers but also for videographers aiming for stable and shake-free shots. Here are the benefits of the Alpha 7 IV’s image stabilization in detail:

  1. Stable Shots in Every Situation: Whether you’re hiking in a bustling city park, engaging in dynamic street photography, or shooting handheld in 4K, the Alpha 7 IV’s image stabilization effectively compensates for shake and delivers razor-sharp results.
  2. Versatility for Photo and Video: The 5-axis image stabilization isn’t limited to photos but extends to video footage as well. This means your video recordings stay stable even with motion or in challenging environments.
  3. Freedom in Lens Selection: The integrated image stabilization offers the freedom to use a variety of lenses, including those without their own stabilization. This is particularly advantageous when using vintage lenses or specialty glass for creative effects.
  4. Improved Low-Light Performance: Image stabilization allows for longer exposure times without introducing motion blur. This is especially useful in low-light conditions when a tripod or flash isn’t practical.
  5. Intelligent Tracking and Autofocus: Image stabilization contributes to the accuracy of autofocus by minimizing unwanted movements. This is especially important when using the advanced real-time autofocus of the Alpha 7 IV, which can even track birds, humans, and animals.
  6. Enhanced Creativity: With stabilized shots, you can work more creatively. Long exposure times for light painting or impressive night shots become easier to achieve without the need for elaborate equipment.

The image stabilization of the Sony Alpha 7 IV is not just a feature – it’s your guarantee for outstanding, shake-free shots in any situation. Whether you’re creating dynamic videos or capturing the perfect moment, the Alpha 7 IV is the key to razor-sharp and professional results.

Advantages Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4

Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4 2

Sony Alpha 7 IV: The Camera That Ignites Your Creativity!

Explore the world of the Sony Alpha 7 IV, a full-frame camera that shines with impressive features and top-notch performance. Here are some compelling benefits that will inspire you to choose the Sony Alpha 7 IV:

  1. Excellent Image Quality: The Sony Alpha 7 IV is equipped with a 33-megapixel Exmor R full-frame sensor and the powerful BIONZ XR image processor. This enables razor-sharp and true-to-life shots, even in challenging lighting conditions. Capture moments with unmatched clarity and detail accuracy.
  2. Top Autofocus for Humans, Animals, and Birds: The advanced hybrid autofocus of the Sony Alpha 7 IV offers real-time tracking and eye detection for humans, animals, and now birds. Capture moving subjects with impressive precision and capture every important moment.
  3. Flexibility with Tilting Screen: The 3-inch touchscreen of the Sony Alpha 7 IV is tiltable, allowing for flexible composition. Take unique perspectives and maintain full control over your shots.
  4. Image Stabilization for Razor-Sharp Photos: The integrated 5-axis image stabilization system compensates for shake and ensures clear and steady shots. Even in low light conditions or longer exposure times, your images remain razor-sharp.
  5. Professional Video Features: The Sony Alpha 7 IV is not just an outstanding still camera but also offers impressive video features. Record stunning 4K videos with S-Cinetone and S-Log3 and bring your creative ideas to life.
  6. Intuitive Operation with Touchscreen: The camera’s intuitive menu system is user-friendly and can even be operated via the touchscreen. Adjust settings in no time and focus on the art of photography.
  7. Lightweight and Compact: Despite its powerful technology, the Sony Alpha 7 IV is lightweight and compact. It effortlessly accompanies you everywhere, offering maximum performance without additional weight.

Discover the endless possibilities of photography with the Sony Alpha 7 IV. Get this camera now and experience how it brings your creative visions to life!

Questions and Answers for Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4

Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4 3

Question 1: Why should I choose the Sony Alpha 7 IV? The Sony Alpha 7 IV is a premium full-frame camera that impresses with its stunning 33 MP, advanced real-time autofocus, and 4K video recording at 60p. It’s ideal for demanding photographers and videographers seeking top performance and flexibility.

Question 2: How do I benefit from the 5-axis image stabilization? The 5-axis image stabilization compensates for shake, enabling stable shots in nearly any situation. Particularly advantageous for lenses without their own stabilization, in low light conditions, and for impressive, shake-free video recordings.

Question 3: What are the advantages of the advanced real-time autofocus? The real-time autofocus not only tracks humans and animals but also birds – a unique feature. This allows for razor-sharp focus in any situation, both in photo and video recordings.

Question 4: Why is the 4K videography of the Alpha 7 IV so impressive? The camera records 4K videos at up to 60p and offers full pixel readout without pixel binning. With features like S-Cinetone and S-Log3, the Alpha 7 IV is the ideal choice for professional videographers, vloggers, and content creators.

Question 5: How easy is it to operate the Alpha 7 IV? The camera features a tiltable 3-inch touchscreen display, an electronic viewfinder with 3.69 million dots, and an intuitive menu system. With a dedicated dial for different shooting modes, it offers user-friendly operation.

Question 6: Which lenses are compatible with the Alpha 7 IV? The camera uses the Sony E-mount, allowing for a wide selection of over 40 full-frame original lenses. From wide-angle to telephoto, you have the freedom to choose the perfect lens for your creative needs.

Question 7: Can I stream live content? Yes, the Alpha 7 IV allows for streaming live content in 4K at up to 15p or in Full HD at 60p, even without a memory card. USB-C connectivity, fast Wi-Fi, and automatic Bluetooth image backup mode enable instant connection with your followers.

Question 8: What is the battery life of the camera? The Li-ion battery allows for up to 580 shots according to CIPA standards. The exact runtime may vary depending on shooting conditions, but the Alpha 7 IV provides enough power for extensive photo sessions and video recordings.

Question 9: Is there any included accessories? Included in the package are the camera (lens not included), an NP-FZ100 battery, a shoulder strap, body cap, accessory shoe cap, eyepiece cup, and a USB-A to USB-C cable. A comprehensive package to start photography or videography right away.

Question 10: Where is the Sony Alpha 7 IV manufactured? The camera is manufactured in China, combining Sony’s high-quality technology with precise manufacturing to ensure a reliable and powerful camera.

Question 11: Why is the mirrorless technology of the Sony Alpha 7 IV so crucial? The Sony Alpha 7 IV is a mirrorless full-frame camera, allowing for a more compact design and faster, more precise focusing. The mirrorless construction reduces vibrations, resulting in sharper images and more stable videos. Enjoy the benefits of an advanced, mirrorless system for enhanced performance and flexibility in your shots.

Technical Specifications Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4

Sony Alpha 7 IV ILCE-7M4 4
Attribute Value
Sensor Resolution 34.1 Megapixels
Effective Photo Resolution 33 Megapixels
Image Processor BIONZ XR™
Light Sensitivity ISO 50-204800 (max. 102400 for video)
Sensor Type Exmor R CMOS
Sensor Format Full-frame
Lens No lens included
Optical/Digital Zoom – / up to 8x
Autofocus Type Hybrid Autofocus
Autofocus Yes
Autofocus Points Full-frame 35-mm: 759 points (AF phase detection)
Focusing Mode Manual, DMF, AF-S, AF-C, AF-A
Display 7.6 cm / 3 inches
Display Resolution 1,036,800 dots
Storage Medium Memory card, CFexpress card
Supported File Formats JPEG, RAW, HEIF, RAW and JPEG, RAW and HEIF
Memory Card Slots Slot 1: SD memory card (compatible with UHS-I/II)/CFexpress
Shutter Speed 1/8000 – 30 sec.
Shutter Type Electronically controlled, vertical-traverse focal-plane shutter
Flash Flash off, Autoflash, Fill-flash, Slow Sync., Rear Sync., Red-eye reduction (on/off selectable), Wireless, High-speed sync.
Viewfinder Type Electronic OLED
Viewfinder Resolution 3,686,400 dots
Face Detection Yes
Image Stabilization Yes
Burst Mode Yes
Manual White Balance Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Flash, Underwater, Color Temperature (2500 to 9900K) and Color Filter, Custom
Exposure Compensation ±5 EV in 1/3 and 1/2 EV steps
Manual Aperture and Shutter Speed Control Yes
Self-Timer 10 sec., 5 sec., 2 sec.
Video Quality 4K
Video Formats XAVC S, XAVC HS
Connections HDMI (Type A), USB 3.2 (Type C), Multi-/Micro USB, Microphone input (3.5mm stereo minijack), Headphone output (3.5mm stereo minijack)
Mount Type Sony E-mount
Bluetooth Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Life (CIPA Standard) Up to 580 shots
Product Type Interchangeable lens camera
Dimensions / Weight 131.3 mm x 96.4 mm x 79.8 mm / 658 g (including battery and memory card)
Country of Origin China
Manufacturer Part Number ILCE7M4B.CEC

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