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Enders Gasgrill URBAN: Grilling, Cooking, Baking, Suitable for Campers

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Description Enders Gasgrill URBAN

Hey, grill enthusiast! Are you ready to take your grilling game to the next level? The Enders® Gasgrill URBAN is not just a tabletop grill; it’s your ticket to unforgettable grilling moments, whether on the balcony, in the garden, or while camping.

With its two powerful stainless steel burners, the Enders® Gasgrill URBAN is not only a guarantee for perfect grilling results but also for culinary diversity. The compact aluminum cast housing not only gives it a modern look but also the robustness you need for many grilling adventures.

And the best part? You can now get this multifunctional grill at an unbeatable offer! The Enders® Gasgrill URBAN is not just an investment in great taste but also in quality and durability.

Thanks to its handy design, the grill is not only space-saving but also mobile. Perfect for spontaneous grill parties or cozy evenings with friends. But that’s not all! The integrated grill thermometer ensures that you always have control over the perfect cooking temperature to grill every steak to perfection.

The cast iron grill grate not only gives your food the popular grill pattern but also ensures an intense flavor experience. And if you don’t just want to grill, no problem! The Enders® Gasgrill URBAN also offers the opportunity to cook and bake – your culinary creativity knows no bounds.

You want not just a grill but a complete package? Then now is the time to buy! The Enders® Gasgrill URBAN is not just an offer but an investment in your culinary freedom. And all this at an affordable price that saves your wallet.

What are you waiting for? Get your Enders® Gasgrill URBAN now and experience grilling in a new dimension. An offer you shouldn’t miss – quality, versatility, and enjoyment united in an unbeatable package!

Questions and Answers for Enders Gasgrill URBAN

Enders Gasgrill URBAN 3
  1. What is the power output of the Enders Gasgrill URBAN? The Enders Gasgrill URBAN has a total power output of 4.4 kW. Each of the two stainless steel burners generates 2 kW of power.
  2. Can I operate this gas grill with gas cartridges? No, the Enders Gasgrill URBAN is not designed for operation with gas cartridges.
  3. How large is the grilling area? The generous grilling area measures 48 x 32 cm, which corresponds to a total area of ​​1,536 cm².
  4. What is the working height of the grill? The working height of the grill is 23 cm, allowing for comfortable grilling.
  5. Is there any accessory included? Yes, included in the package are a hose and a gas pressure regulator with 50 mbar to ensure smooth operation.
  6. How large is the gas grill when the side shelves are folded down? When the side shelves are folded down, the assembled dimensions are W 70 x D 42 x H 34 cm, allowing for space-saving storage.
  7. Is the grill grate easy to clean? Absolutely, the enameled grill grate makes cleaning significantly easier. However, it is recommended to remove coarse residues after grilling and to clean the grate regularly.
  8. How heavy is the gas grill? The grill weighs approximately 13 kg, making it lightweight and portable – ideal for grilling adventures on the go.
  9. Can I easily assemble the grill? Yes, assembly of the gas grill is usually straightforward. A detailed instruction manual is included to assist you with the assembly.
  10. Is the Enders Gasgrill URBAN suitable for use on the balcony? Absolutely, this grill is perfect for the balcony. Its compact size and piezo ignition make lighting easy and convenient, allowing you to enjoy your grilling season to the fullest.

Technical Specifications Enders Gasgrill URBAN

Enders Gasgrill URBAN 5
Attribute Details
Article No. 2095
Total power 4.4 kW
Stainless steel burners 2 x 2 kW
Lid Powder-coated steel
Housing Powder-coated aluminum die-cast
Ignition Piezo
Grilling area 48 x 32 cm / 1536 cm²
Grill grate Enameled cast iron
Optional cartridge operation Not available
Working height 23 cm
Assembly dimensions W 94 x D 42 x H 34 cm
Assembly dimensions with folded side tables W 70 x D 42 x H 34 cm
Weight 13 kg
Hose and gas pressure regulator 50 mbar Included

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